Feb 06, 2024Weleet Foods

We Have Graciously Received the Poshak Anaaj Award 2023 Milestones are not just markers; they’re affirmations of purpose. Weleet stands proud as a recipient of the esteemed Poshak Anaaj Award 2023, crowned the Best Entrepreneur of the Year in Millet Packaging. Our founder and CEO Jabir Manningal received the memento from Dr Tamilisai Sounder Rajan, the honourable governor of Telangana. This honour is not just a win for our brand but a celebration of our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing millet for the betterment of public health.


Our journey began with a vision to redefine the narrative around millets, often relegated to the sidelines despite their nutritional benefits. Weleet was born from the friendship of our three founders Jabir Manningal, Afzal Machingal, and Sahir Kallan from the lively neighbourhood of Kerala, together they embarked on a journey driven by their concerns for the well-being of their community. The Poshak Anaaj Award acknowledges our efforts to intertwine health, sustainability, and innovation in the world of millet foods.


The Poshak Anaaj Award isn’t just an award; it’s a recognition of the work that we have undertaken. We see this win as a call to action. It fuels our passion to continue leading the charge in redefining how we approach food, health, and the environment.


It is a beacon guiding us forward on our mission to create a healthier world. It’s a reminder that our commitment to quality and sustainability resonates with a broader audience and industry. We are not just a brand; it’s a catalyst for change, and this award strengthens our resolve to challenge norms, set new benchmarks, and foster positive transformations.


To our incredible team, partners, and patrons, this achievement is as much yours as it is ours. Your dedication, support, and belief in the Weleet vision have been instrumental in reaching this pinnacle. We express our deepest gratitude for standing by us as we push boundaries and explore new frontiers in millet packaging.


Our customers hold a special place in the Weleet story. To those who have made Weleet a part of their daily lives, thank you. Your choice to prioritize health and sustainability through our products is the ultimate validation of our mission. We are honoured to be your companions on your wellness journey.


We look ahead with a sense of responsibility and excitement. This award is not the culmination of our journey but a catalyst for the chapters that lie ahead. We pledge to stay true to our values, innovate relentlessly, and continue contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.


This isn’t just a victory for us; it’s a celebration of a shared vision for a healthier, more sustainable world. Thank you for being part of our community, for believing in our mission, and for making Weleet a symbol of positive change.

And if you want to be a part of this change, head over to our website and start a millet lifestyle.

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