"The Inspiring Journey of Weleet Towards a Healthier World"


Founder and CEO


Co-founder and Overseas Market


Co-founder and Branding Director


We, Afzal, Jabir, and Sahir, grew up as childhood friends in the lively neighborhoods of Kerala. Together, we embarked on a remarkable journey driven by our deep concern for the well-being of our community. During our regular gatherings, we engaged in meaningful discussions about the challenges our society faced.


Our commitment to helping others led us to support those who couldn’t afford treatment for chronic illnesses like kidney failure, cancer, and lifestyle diseases. Yet, we were troubled by the increasing prevalence of such ailments despite advancements in medicine.

As we delved into the root causes, we uncovered a troubling truth. A majority of food brands and companies were prioritizing taste over health, resulting in diets filled with refined sugars, processed foods, artificial colors, and trans fats. This unhealthy trend was silently endangering the health of countless individuals and families.

Motivated by a strong desire to make a difference, we made a solemn promise. We would create Weleet, a brand that offered nourishing and tasty alternatives to junk food. Our goal was to provide optimal nutrition and dietary solutions for people of all ages, addressing concerns like obesity and diabetes.


Fully aware of the challenges ahead, we embraced them with determination. Step by step, we developed small, wholesome, and delicious food products that not only satisfied cravings but also delivered essential nutrients for a vibrant life.

But our mission extended beyond products, we recognized the power of education and awareness. We worked tirelessly to enlighten the public about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, empowering individuals to make informed choices for their well-being.


As Weleet gained momentum, our unwavering dedication inspired communities near and far. Our dream of creating healthier and happier societies became a beacon of hope. Weleet was more than just a company, it was a solution to the lifestyle-based health risks facing humanity.

The story of two childhood friends turned health advocates touched the hearts of many. Together, we envisioned a world where nutrition and taste could coexist harmoniously, and where well-being was accessible to all.

Our incredible journey continues as we strive to turn our vision into reality. Through Weleet, we persistently work towards a world where vibrant health and genuine happiness flourish hand in hand. Our resolute commitment resonates with each person we reach, propelling us closer to our ultimate goal – a better, healthier, and more vibrant world for all.